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Managing When the Width is Long

Is there a price to pay when we spread ourselves to thin? The Purpose of Ministry To be in the ministry is to serve. The purpose of serving in the ministry or church mission is to encourage people to become … Continue reading

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A Simple Reminder

I preached today on vision. Our vision at FBC Ruidoso. I preached a series of messages 4 months ago on vision, but today I preached a stand alone message on our vision. Why? I’ve notice most pastors of smaller or … Continue reading

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10 Things I Like About FBC Ruidoso

1. I’m the pastor. I love serving this church. 2. FBC is not in the Bible belt. I’m sick of the Bible belt because it ignores the lost and is steeped in tradition. 3. Strong church! The church stands strong … Continue reading

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2009 a Breakthrough Year

I have a good feeling about 2009. I’m not sure why, but I guess it may be 2008 seemed to be slow and sluggish in the church and country. But now the election is over and it seems we will … Continue reading

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Vision Correction

I wear contacts and glasses (not at the same time). Why? Because I cannot see well without corrective help. For years when I was growing up, I wore glasses. I have a sleepy eye and am cross-eyed. In the last … Continue reading

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Vision and Strategy Challenge

Vision: a Great Commission picture of God’s future for you. Vision is not easy. I’ve for years thought I had a handle on vision, strategy, and mission. But I have in the last few years come to realized vision is … Continue reading

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Highlight Church: 242 Community Church

I’ve been researching churches across the nation that are a little different but are doing the right things. I stumbled across 242 Community Church. I love this church! Last month their home page feature a video on ServeFest. They did … Continue reading

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