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Managing When the Width is Long

Is there a price to pay when we spread ourselves to thin? The Purpose of Ministry To be in the ministry is to serve. The purpose of serving in the ministry or church mission is to encourage people to become … Continue reading

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Why We Love Facebook so Much

Facebook is an incredible phenomenon. I got on it because everyone else was getting it. Now I want to get off of it and cannot. Why can’t I get off of it? What are the reasons I stay with it? … Continue reading

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The Hazards of Ministry — People

Life is hazardous. Ministry is hazardous. Being a pastor is hazardous. By hazard, I don’t mean it’s always so bad that pastors have more frustrations than your average person. But I am noticing there a ¬†few things along to way … Continue reading

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10 Things Every Sunday School Leader Should Do

I want to give you a few things every small group or Sunday School leader must do to make a group grow numerically and spiritually. 1. Study the Bible well — there’s no room for half baked lessons. 2. Pray … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Sunday School Class Feel Like a Small Group

I overheard someone at our church campus a month ago who made a simple statement that stuck with me. He said, “Are there any classes in your church that don’t lecture. Are there any that have discussion?” Whoa! Lecture can … Continue reading

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Thankful for Blessings

Tomorrow, I’m going to start a short three week series called “Give Thanks.” Expressing Gratitude in Tough Times. I’m looking forward to it. Here’s what it will look like: November 14 — Share Your Faith In this message I will … Continue reading

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10 Things I Find True in Ministry

Everyone once in a while I like to just review my life and attitude toward ministry. Below are a few things I’ve found true. 1. Seminary preparation for ministry is crucial for ministry success. I didn’t grow up in the … Continue reading

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