Momentum Series Intro #3

We are launching brand new series Sunday called Momentum. The series will focus on four areas: priorities, physical fitness, financial fitness, and spiritual fitness. People are stressed out over many things. I do not know about you, but I look back into 2011 and see some missed opportunities. I also see some great accomplishments and blessings that came because of specific reasons each because of one thing: PRIORITIES.

We prioritize our passions. We do not prioritize other things as well. Sometimes we should prioritize things that are not out passions and take risks with accountable consistency. What will you prioritize for a year so a year from now you can look back and say, “oh yeah?” Last year I made these things a priority:

  • Physical fitness — the gym became my third place. I have worked out three times a week for a year. I have not lost weight, but I moved the gut to the upper body. I feel great. My stress level is much lower.
  • Scripture reading — our church read the Bible in 90 Days in the Fall 2011. While it was a rigorous journey, it was life changing. I’m poised to read the Bible through with my family starting Sunday.
  • Mission Trip — I was blessed to go on a mission trip to the Ukraine with Michael Gott. It was life changing.

What will I prioritize in 2012? Some things do pop up unexpectedly, but here’s my plan:

  • Read the word — I’m reading the Bible through with my family.
  • Trip to Israel — I’m planning on taking a trip to the holy land.
  • Finish Spanish — I want to complete becoming bilingual in 2 years.
  • Continue fitness — I want to lose a little weight 🙂 and keep working out.
  • Financial fitness — eliminate debt and give more away.

What will your priorities be in 2012?

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One Response to Momentum Series Intro #3

  1. carol tilson says:

    It’s so hard to separate goals from priorities. Physical fitness may be a goal for me, but not a priority. I guess that’s why it isn’t going so well!

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