90 Days through the Bible Wrap Up

What a wonderful, grueling, yet rewarding journey the 90 Days through the Bible Challenge has been. Simply amazing. Here’s some final thoughts on the campaign.

1. My main desire in doing this campaign was centered around Jesus’ command to “make disciples.”

2. The 90 Days emphasis far exceeded my expectations personally and professionally.

3. One tension people wrestle with is related to this question: “will I retain or understand what I’m reading?”

Those who are reading the Bible know you will retain much of the story, but not everything.

Those not reading ask from the wrong perspective. Of course not reading guarantees not retaining or understanding much at all.

4. Reading the Bible in 90 Days really comes down to one thing: TIME. There is a challenge in reading, but it’s not one that should keep anyone from reading the Bible. If a person or family will give God up to an hour a day, reading the Bible in 90 Days is a doable thing.

The time factor does not just relate to the 90 Days challenge. It’s much more thank that. Spiritual disciplines require time. The way we divided up our time reveals our priorities. Reading the word through in 90 Days has taught me that while I can’t sustain an hour a day with my family gathering at the same time, I can manage 20-30 minutes every day. And I might be able to get my family together for up to an hour for Bible reading and prayer 2-3 times a week.

The bottom line is I’ve learned I can give God much more time personally and collectively with my family.

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One Response to 90 Days through the Bible Wrap Up

  1. Claude says:

    Pastor, I found your blog. It is informative and almost like reading mind or maybe your heart. It is a thoughtful mind and a big heart. I found your blog while looking at the church’s website. It is a good link from the website to your blog

    I want you to know someone is reading and someone is hearing and someone is praying with you.



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