Pastor Alan’s Announcements 7/31/2011

Can you believe it is August?
We are gearing up for the Fall already. WOW. What happened to the Summer? Well, as we end the Summer, I want to encourage you to put two things on your calendar related to your spiritual growth.

Simple Evangelism Conference—August 21 through 24–with Dennis Nunn
The difference between a church after God’s own heart is the church’s willingness to make important what God says is important. The Simple Evangelism Conference will be five sessions exploring how “ordinary believers share the gospel” in simple, non-threatening ways. I want to ask you to make this a priority. This is an equipping time for you. Evening sessions will be an hour or just a little longer of “teaching only.” We won’t have a lot of music or announcements. The five sessions will be covered Sunday at 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.; and each evening Sunday through Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. will be for you to be motivated to share Christ in your school, workplace, and in our community. Most of you have never had the opportunity to attend a workshop/conference on evangelism. Make plans to come and be equipped.

90 Days Through the Bible.
Would you be willing to give up one hour a day for God? Want to read the Bible through this year? Don’t quit before you try. You can do it. I’m asking every member of our church to take 90 days and read the Bible. More to come.

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