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What is a Vacation?

I’ve been on vacation for a week. It’s been nice. My family enjoyed spending time in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We had not taken a time when it would be considered a family vacation in awhile. So this was good for … Continue reading

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Pastor Alan’s Announcements 7/31/2011

Can you believe it is August? We are gearing up for the Fall already. WOW. What happened to the Summer? Well, as we end the Summer, I want to encourage you to put two things on your calendar related to … Continue reading

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Why We Love Facebook so Much

Facebook is an incredible phenomenon. I got on it because everyone else was getting it. Now I want to get off of it and cannot. Why can’t I get off of it? What are the reasons I stay with it? … Continue reading

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The Hazards of Ministry — Success

Ministry is joyous, but it’s also hazardous. By hazardous I don’t mean everything is like working on a battlefield. I mean it’s costly. For me, as a pastor, ministry comes with challenges. Where my heart goes out is for younger … Continue reading

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The Hazards of Ministry — People

Life is hazardous. Ministry is hazardous. Being a pastor is hazardous. By hazard, I don’t mean it’s always so bad that pastors have more frustrations than your average person. But I am noticing there a  few things along to way … Continue reading

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