Invite Letter for Outreach

Outreach Opportunities for VBS
Church Family and Friends,
This Friday and Saturday we will have two opportunities for you to do some outreach. We are going to do our best to get the word out about our VBS, our Church, and most importantly, our God.
Let me share a story with you of how this can impact someone’s life:

On Easter Saturday I went to Midtown on Eagle and Sudderth. I went with Briana and Claude Wilson. We handed out over 100 invite cards to people for Easter. And I was amazed at how many people came who we had seen the day before on the streets. One young man came to the first service. He sat on the back row. I could tell he was a “fish out of water.” He said to me, “That little girl gave me a card on the street yesterday and I thought I’d come.” I introduced myself to him and welcomed him. He listened very attentively to the sermon. Easter was one of the best worship days we have had here at FBC. As I looked at the decision cards that next day, I was excited to see that that young man had indicated he prayed to receive Jesus as his savior.

The story doesn’t end there does it? No, I followed up on this young man. Clark and Anita Carpenter and I went to his home. He was not there. So we left a card and church material. Is that the end? Of course not! When I got in the car, I called his cell and told him we had been there. He didn’t call back. Is that the end? No. No way. Yesterday we went back to his home. His mom was there. She told me he had been put in jail. I told her I would visit him. And we invited her to FBC.

What’s the point? Are you willing to reach people? Are you willing to follow up with them? Are you willing to keep on working to get people to Christ Jesus? Sometimes it leads us to opportunities to visit people at their point of need.
I’m going to visit this man in jail. Why? I’ll do it because Jesus wants us to do these kinds of acts of service. AND, also I’ll do it because I didn’t quit trying to get to him. The harvest, Jesus harvest, is ready for reaping. Are you willing to sow in long enough to see a harvest?

What will we do?
 We will invite people to attend our block party Saturday from 12-4pm. We will also invite them to church on Sunday. And we will invite kids to VBS. We will have all the handouts for you. If you can’t come at the times indicated, come by the church and get some hand outs for your neighborhood or circle of influence.
If you are interested here’s what and when:

  • A few teams of people are needed to prayer walk and invite people and businesses
  • A few teams are needed to go to the ball parks at White Mountain
  • A few teams need to walk White Mountain
  • We need to hit Meechem
  • Coffee shops
  • Ruidoso Downs has plenty of close trailers … could hit 50 homes in no time
  • We need to walk Cree Meadows
If you can come to one or both, let’s do it.
Let’s let this county know of our VBS, our Church, Our God.

Friday @ 5:30pm

Saturday at 9am
REMEMBER: “The church that goes is the church that grows.”
I love all of you.
Pastor Alan
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One Response to Invite Letter for Outreach

  1. Jerry says:

    Pastor Alan ;
    I can relate to your story as I also have a very simular story involving a Navaho Indian Friend I invited to church.Sent a Bible to Jail in his own Language, and continue to work with him,on his Salvation.He has now rejoined with his wife and as he says “Still walking on water” Amen.I will join the VBS Flyer hand out team. Have a wonderful Day Jerry

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