Prayer Lessons Learned (Lately :)

First Ruidoso has been in a “30 Days of Prayer TOGETHER” season. I’m starting a prayer ministry at the church called “6:4” prayer ministry. I’m making the commitment and personal goal to lead the church to pray more. At the New Mexico Baptist Convention last year Daniel Henderson spoke on prayer. God spoke to me through his message. I decided “we can either do it as most Baptists (and other groups) do or we can be a house of prayer for all nations that depends on the power of God.”

Here are a few things I’ve learned about prayer lately:

1. Pray guides written by people in the church are a good tool. Our focus has been solely on praying “together.” The way we chose to do it was through an intentional prayer guide that gets us praying the same thing in our devotional times. I’m not sure how much people have actually prayed. But I do know we have set the stage for cultural change.

2. Prayer, like working out in the gym, takes commitment to “gut it out.” Prayer is a discipline and requires commitment and recommitment. Prayer is not a one time commitment. It’s an on-going commitment.

3.  I’ve prayed more in the past month than I had in a long time. It’s not that I’m prayer-less. The emphasis though has brought encouragement and challenge.

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