Thankful for Blessings

Tomorrow, I’m going to start a short three week series called “Give Thanks.” Expressing Gratitude in Tough Times. I’m looking forward to it. Here’s what it will look like:

November 14 — Share Your Faith
In this message I will do two things: 1) teach our entire gathering how to share the gospel and 2) explain the gospel hoping those who have not met Jesus Christ in a life changing way will do so.

November 21 — Live in Community
People stick and grow when they do it in small groups. In this message I will teach people why it’s so important. We will share the Lord’s Supper together.

November 28 — Worship with Freedom
Worship is the fuel that motivates the church. It impacts morale. In this message, I will teach on how scripture encourages us to worship and give it priority corporately.

With Thanksgiving almost here, I’m reminded of God’s blessings on me this year. He has saved me and encourages me to walk with Him in worship. He put me in a life group which provided small group community and mission as it reproduced into three groups. He has blessed indeed First Baptist Church as we had a challenging, but great year. God restores His people.

How can you join in the series?

1. Pray prayers of thanksgiving.

2. Pray for the series to encourage the body of believers.

3. Be faithful in attendance.

4. Pray for who you can invite to worship and share your faith with this holiday season.

You are blessed!

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