What Churches Can Learn from the Texas Rangers

What can churches learn from the American League Champion Texas Rangers?

1. Integrity.
The Rangers didn’t fire their coach when he admitted drug problems earlier in the year. When the coach, Ron Washington, wasn’t winning, they kept him. Churches need to learn how to stick with leaders long enough for them to be effective. 1500 pastors leave the ministry each month in our country. Churches, and pastors/ministers need to have integrity. Ron Washington was honest in his admittance. The team was great in putting Nolan Ryan on the team as owner pulling the team out of bankruptcy. Churches need to just have integrity in all things.

2. Teamwork.
The Rangers played as a team and won. Players love one another and praise one another. Churches need to develop teams. Teamwork that is motivating will keep the team focused on the mission. If morale is low, teamwork will be absent. Let’s keep teamwork a priority. And remember, the Rangers took a long time to get to the big game, but they were always a team. The church will get to the big game when Christ returns, but we are always the Church.

3. Players.
The Rangers have stars, but the stars are also regular people. Some of the players, like Josh Hamilton, have problems from the past. But those players also give glory to God like Hamilton did tonight. Christians need to realize it’s not about have the big name reputation. It’s about having people who have been changed by the power of the gospel.

4. Celebrate.
The Rangers celebrate tonight after many years of existing. Churches need to celebrate wins when/while they can. It makes the journey fun 🙂

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