Seminary Week

I had a privilege of doing a “seminary week” at Southwestern in Fort Worth this week. Monday was a packed day in the advanced preaching conference on the book of Hebrews. Tuesday and Wednesday were library days. Thursday was a “church grow barriers” day with the SBTC at North Richland Hills Baptist Church. Here are some of my reflections from the week.


Every preacher should take a week to go to a seminary, once a year, for the following reasons:

1. Immersing in a book of the Bible to build a series from it will be beneficial to you and your church. Planning forward is good.

2. The proclaimer of the word can actually plan 2-3 series in two days. People love organization in preaching. I keep my series no longer than 10 weeks (12 to the very max). A series is best when “think time” has gone into it.

3. A theological library brings resources to your disposal that you otherwise would not have.

4. And on a side note, I was able prayer walk in the halls of the seminary remembering God’s faithfulness. I was able to walk the halls and recall the courses I took from Dr. Roy Fish, Dr. Daryl Eldridge, and Dr. Endel Lee.

Growth Barriers Conference

One of my best of friends, Kenneth Priest of the SBTC, turned me on to the “growth barriers” conference. It was simply excellent. Dr. Ken Hemphill was the plenary speaker and was in prime form. Ken is a church growth expert, but having pastored churches for many years, he comes from a scholarly angle and the experiential angle. I left the one day event encouraged by the reminder that people are best harnessed for Great Commission, Kingdom Action, when they are in Sunday School/Small Groups.

AWESOME week of rest and replenishing.

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