Reasons Why I’m Glad to be Back in Ruidoso

We just got back in Ruidoso after 3 days of rest and fun with the family. I’m glad to be back. Why? Here’s a few reasons:

1. 100 plus in Albuquerque; only 75 in Ruidoso 🙂

2. I’m refreshed because my attitude is better. I’m ready to try it on the family in the next few days

3. I’m about to go eat fresh catfish with Rod and Kelli Shaw

4. 100 in Alb; 75 in Rui 🙂

5. I’m going to do honey do’s tomorrow, but might try to golf also in the afternoon

6. I’ve missed the church staff and family. I have to admit; I’m addicted

7. Got Jay Louder coming to preach Sunday and I’m excited to have someone preach who has been here before I came

8. I’m ready to keep pushing the gospel of the kingdom where God has placed me

9. My mother-in-law is with us. And she doesn’t have to leave to go anywhere else. She makes my family better and I’m glad she got to go on vacation with us (even if it was only to Albuquerque)

10. Only 75 in Ruidoso; hotter than “the place I’m not going to” in every city at the bottom of the mountain

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One Response to Reasons Why I’m Glad to be Back in Ruidoso

  1. Yes, 75 degrees feels much better than 100. Also fewer cars is better for air quality. I praise God every breath I take.

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