Leadership Summit 2010

I’ve been processing the content I got at the Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit 2010. This was my first conference with Willowcreek. Of course, I’ve followed Bill Hybels and his movement for years. But I have to say going to the summit had a big impression on me. If you have not gone to the summit, you should. It doesn’t matter what you consider yourself you will gain by going. Here’s a few random reflections from the summit:

1. Excellence is worth pursuing and how much more should the church pursue it.

2. Bill Hybel’s connection with Jack Welch as revealed in his interviewing him was stunning. Bill witnessed to Jack Welch. And God is moving in Welch’s life. See the end of his book “Winning.” Hybels actually asked him about his spiritual life. I was proud of both of them.

3. The church, while unique in its mission and how it operates, has a lot to gain from the best business minds in the world. We can tweek what they do and glorify God with it.

4. I need to rethink my own leadership style and role while remembering I’m a pastor and can’t lead like business leaders lead. Yet leaders lead. Jesus called me from being an infantry leader in his army. Now I lead people to become Christ followers, fully devoted Christ followers.

5. Leaders come in all forms and the best leaders and businesses give something away to the team and community. Toms is an excellent example of this.

6. Willowcreek is a more powerful force in the Christian community than I thought. Even the satellite campus I went to for the event was excellent. The event itself, even though a satellite event, was moving.

7. While I’m committed to biblical, expository preaching, I’ve continuing to realize the changing, but needed visual element required in all teaching.

8. Simple creativity goes a loooooong way.

So much more spoke to me. I’m still processing. Just started reading Welch’s book. I will probably read most of the books and do the follow up exercises that continue to develop leaders and teams.

9. ? ? ? next year I take my wife 🙂

Jesus’ Church deserves my best. He deserves our best.

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