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Totally Amazed by the Father’s Grace

I recently went on a Walk to Emmaus. I know what you might say, “a Baptist went to a Methodist walk to Emmaus?” Yes I did. And it was amazing how God met me there. I’m still basking in the … Continue reading

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The Touches on Peoples’ Lives

The month of August has been a different month for our church. First Baptist Ruidoso has experienced great crowds. Some of our highest in over a year. We are holding our own financially. We are baptizing. We are moving forward … Continue reading

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7 Ways to know Your Facebook Post is Wrong

I love Facebook. I try not to spend too much time on it. It’s addicting. I’ve learned to connect Twitter and Facebook and to post quickly, surf quickly and use Facebook wisely. I’ve noticed how people use Facebook poorly. Here’s … Continue reading

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Reasons Why I’m Glad to be Back in Ruidoso

We just got back in Ruidoso after 3 days of rest and fun with the family. I’m glad to be back. Why? Here’s a few reasons: 1. 100 plus in Albuquerque; only 75 in Ruidoso 🙂 2. I’m refreshed because … Continue reading

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Chic-fil-a and the Church

I’m in Albuquerque, New Mexico, chillin with the family in a hotel. Doing the hot tub, pool, zoo, reading, etc. One of our favorite places to eat is Chic-fil-a. I’ve gotten to eat there a few times in the last … Continue reading

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Leadership Summit 2010

I’ve been processing the content I got at the Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit 2010. This was my first conference with Willowcreek. Of course, I’ve followed Bill Hybels and his movement for years. But I have to say going to the … Continue reading

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The Baptist “Bishop” — Dr. Dwight McKissic

Much of the time when pastors call out jokingly “Bishop” we are just encouraging one another in the ministry. But I want to honor Pastor Dwight McKissic as one who just might be the real “Baptist Bishop.” He’s a real … Continue reading

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