Joel McCray — The Bishop

Well, I want to brag on yet another “bishop.” A bishop is someone who is able lead, but also follow. One who is a follower, yet is able to know when to step up and lead at the right moment in ways only he can. This my friends is Pastor Joel McCray.

Pastor Joel has enough gifting and talent and passion to make one straight jealous. His musical ability is only God given. He’s not just talented but is “divinely” talented and gifted. I’m not sure music talent is listed in the New Testament as a spiritual gift, but Joel sure makes it seem that way. He has not only talent and ability, but also spiritual depth. While most musicians and worship pastors in churches are good with music, Joel is more concerned the the maturing process of the worshiper and prompters of worship. I was one in a male chorus with him. We spent most of the rehearsal not singing, but reading God’s word and ministering to “one another.”

Joel’s a family man. He pastors his precious wife and kids. He’s an evangelist. He’s a disciple-maker. He’s a creative thinker. He’s able to produce cds and leap all obstacles in a single bound. He’s a preacher (ain’t right being able to lead worship and preach 🙂 He’s a strategic genius. He reads everything. He’s an encourager. And did I say that he can “preach and lead worship?” It’s just not right. But hey, that’s the way it is. Why?

Well that’s the favor of “bishopdom.” Pastor Joel McCray, you are indeed a Bishop. And I love you. I’m proud to be your brother and friend. May He continue to bless you in your new church plant. And know I’m praying.


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