New Series Called “The Bishops”

I’m starting a new series here called “The Bishops.”  Scripture talks about Bishops (1 Tim 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9) for example. Bishops are church leaders. In our culture they are usually ordained and licensed to the ministry. They have the backing of the church and are busy leading God’s people to accomplish the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. They are called to be disciple makers. They live for God and leave all to follow Him.

I call many a friend “bishop.” I want to introduce to a few of my “Bishop” brothers in the Lord.


I met Pastor Robert White while serving at the mighty “Cornerstone Baptist Church.” Robert is the Student Pastor. But he’s much more than that. He’s a genius. I’ve been known to call him a black “Mark Driscoll.” He is a cutting edge thinker. His ability to brand a sermon series rivals the biggest names of our day. He’s a preaching machine. He has the ability to weave a tradition style of African-American preaching with a new multi-ethnic culture. He preaches not only with passion, but content the leads, encourages, and probes the heart.

Robert is from California. It’s shows in his ability to be culturally ahead of his time. He’s the diamond in the rough in any crowd. He’s an exegetical genius. He’s an evangelist. He cares about God’s sheep. He’s a pastor, elder, and leader. He’s able to not only lead and disciple students, but also young adults. He knows disciples made the Jesus way are made in small groups. He led, but now has others leading a coffee house worship experience called “The Pillar.” Robert’s the man!

Pastor Robert White is a family man. He loves his wife and children. He takes a day off to try and be with them. He works hard to provide for them. He would be willing to give his life for them.

Not many can really be called “Bishop.” But when the cry goes out … “Biiisssshop.” I always think of my friend, Pastor Robert White.

Robert White: You are truly a Bishop. And I’m glad to be your friend and co-laborer in Christ.


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One Response to New Series Called “The Bishops”

  1. Robert White says:

    Wow!! Bishop you made me sound a WHOLE lot smarter and better than I actually am. The funnyh thing is, you forgot to mention that you (Bishop Of Bishops) taught me everything I know, and are one of God’s GREAT men and preachers. Thanks for everything you’ve taught me, and for the encouragement I need to be “Google” in an often “Guttenberg” atmosphere.

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