Meeting Bishop Telsa DeBerry

When you call someone “Bishop” in the ministry, it means you are with him. It’s means “preach it.” It means “you’re the man.” Pastor Telsa DeBerry is a “Bishop.”

I first met Telsa at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington. He has often called me “the whitest black man a person will ever meet.” And I have called him the “blackest white man a person will ever meet.” Pastor Telsa sees no color. We often had fun messing with people of all colors by telling people we were brothers. Telsa, like Robert yesterday, is a brother indeed. He’s done a lot for me. He’s often picked me up from the airport (he and Robert once played a joke on me by saying they were at Love Field when they were actually coming around the corner at DFW). Telsa has humor in life and ministry. We have laughed much in the tension of ministerial debate.

I love Telsa because he has a heart for ministry. He’s an evangelist. He’s been on the mission field of Honduras. He’s the kind of pastor that knows what it’s like to go “door-to-door” and share the gospel. He knows how to drive the metroplex just to tell guests “thanks for coming to the church.” He’s an evangelist. I’m going to start calling him “Telsa the Baptist.” He knows how to make disciples and send out teachers from a Sunday School Class. He’s humble. He allowed me to lead him. That should tell you something 🙂

If you were to ask anyone about Telsa’s commitment to family, they would tell you he “models family” in ways that makes people jealous. His family makes your family better just by being around them.

Telsa’s a preacher. He’s also a scholar. Serious, the guy thinks at critical levels that I wish I did. He has a mind and passion that is able to address theology. He’s a conservative without being a too “old school.” He knows how to do ministry. I was fortunate to serve with him for 4 years. I’m a far better person for because I know him not as only a friend, but a true brother. He’s family.

You’re a Bishop Pastor Telsa DeBerry. And I love you. Appreciate you. Bissssshhhhop!

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One Response to Meeting Bishop Telsa DeBerry

  1. Telsa DeBerry says:

    Bishop, I don’t know what I’ve done to be bestowed such an honor… but I’m grateful. Not only grateful for the honor but also for the privilege of your friendship. You almost got me to cry, but since my wife was here with me I decided to leave her solely as the one who can do that.

    Bless you Brother and I know that 1st Baptist Ruidoso is blessed to have you. You are a mentor, a confidant, friend, evangelist, pastor… and the list goes on.

    Love you Man.

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