Rest, Renew, ReEngage

One year ago I lived in Arlington, Texas. I service as a pastor and executive pastor in the community for two churches. The weather in Arlington in the summer is often in the 100s. And if it’s in the 90s, it feels like it’s in the 100s. A year later (almost a year), I live in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I would have never thought it possible to move to Ruidoso because I had no idea where Ruidoso was located. Little did I know what I was missing.

A year later, here I sit on a sabbath Friday chilling out. The high today will be 78 degrees. I’ve never lived anywhere in the US where it was in the 70s in July. Cool weather, cool community, cool mission from God.

Ruidoso is a tourist town. I’m still trying to figure out our “exact” mission here. I know the mission is to “make disciples.” What I’m meaning is “how do we do that in a way that matches the community. People come here to REST.  I’m really thinking that through. How do we get people to rest? But resting alone is not what we are all about. We want people to move from rest to RENEW. Renewing means growing in the area that will help us REENGAGE the mission of God. No matter what life stage we are in, we have a role to play in the mission and mandate of the Lord to “make disciples.”

It’s 70 here. There’s a slight breeze. It’s scenic. God’s glory is declared from the mountains. He’s up to something, most of all in me. I need to slow down. I need to stop pursuing so and I pursue Him.

Do you need to rest, renew, reengage?

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