How to Make Father’s Day a Great Church Day

Our culture celebrates fathers by calling Dad on a day of the year, maybe getting him a tie, or maybe by taking him to eat. What about the church? How can we make Father’s Day (and I’m already talking with my wife about Mother’s Day) a great day for the church? How can we be different than the world?

1. Make Father’s Day a “big day” at your church. This is not just for attendance, which is not a bad thing, but also for the spirit, moral boosting, and over all health of the church. Bring in a speaker to specializes in “ministry to men.” I brought in my mentor Dr. Lloyd C. Blue for Father’s Day at FBC. It was great. I planned the weekend for a focus on men. Our staff rallied around it. And it worked!

2. Do a Men’s Breakfast the day before the Sunday celebration. Since you have the speaker in already, let him talk to the men without the ladies present. There’s just something about that that works. Give men a free book. You can get great deals at

3. Give Away a Free Book. As mentioned above, give away a free book. You can get them for $1 or $2 each. I gave each man in worship Sunday a free book, The Measure of a Man, the classic by Gene Getz.

4. Create an Eagle Award. We gave away three plaques with an eagle carved on them to three men. You will not be able to give one to every Patriarch in the church. Just give three, then let some time go by and give away three more. Then next Father’s Day let the men decide who get them. Let the pastor hand pick the first few if you don’t have much time. Then go on from their.

5. Recognize Every Man in the Congregation. Lloyd Blue says he stands the men up and and encourages them like this:

Ladies, I want you to pray for these men. They are the ones who will help me and our church be strong in accomplishing the Great Commission.

First, encourage your fathers in the room. Then, all males should be celebrated. It’s not just a father thing, but it’s ALSO a man thing.

6. Enlist an All Male Worship Team. Our church was so impressed when they heard men’s voices leading our worship.

7. Plan Now for 2011. I wanted to do more for men, but it was a challenge to push any more this year. Next year, before father’s day, I want to have a retreat weekend for men. I want to have another speaker. I’d like to have T-Shirts for the men’s choir. Plan now, don’t wait until next fall. Get a big name speaker. If you ask now, he might actually come.

Thank you Dr. Lloyd C. Blue for making our father’s day a huge blast. Thank you men of FBC for being who you are: “men on fire.” Thank you pastors who might be reading this. Disciple your men pastors. Don’t just have a men’s ministry but “ministry to men.” It makes all the difference in world.

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