A Simple Reminder

I preached today on vision. Our vision at FBC Ruidoso. I preached a series of messages 4 months ago on vision, but today I preached a stand alone message on our vision. Why? I’ve notice most pastors of smaller or rural churches don’t vision cast well. We usually preach a message on our vision and leave it. We preach the message, but fail to vision cast it. We preach a message and fail implement structure around it. So today was a simple reminder to our church family of “why we exist.”

Our vision is His cause.

The vision/mission statement for FBC Ruidoso is to “challenge all people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

  • The Challenge- challenging people doesn’t mean you accost someone by force. It means we ENGAGE people at their point of need. We need to ENCOURAGE people to overcome the challenge of the sinful nature. We then must EVANGELIZE people by sharing the good news and letting them decide to choose. it.
  • All people- Jesus clearly wanted “all people” to follow Him (Matt 28:19). It doesn’t matter what color a person is, what the person’s social status or socio-economic identity, young or old, or any other identifier. Jesus embraces all people and so should His church.
  • To Become– this means spiritual growth is by process (Mark 1:15). What people need most is to get in a group that “does life together” and studies the word of God. They need to pray together Love on one another. If this done consistently spiritual growth happens.
  • Fully Devoted–Full devotion speaks of commitment (Acts 2:42). Many are being told they can be sold out of the Lord without having to make commitments. Scripture says they “committed” themselves to some key life changing things. Full devotion means much more than “attending” but never doing anything.

A simple vision must be communicated simply, repeatedly. It can’t be too soon. But it must be consistently communicated. Preaching is the main way to do. But now, we will look for other ways to communicate to our church and community and world how we “Challenge all people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

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