What’s Ministry All About?

I’ve not blogged in over a month 🙂 but I’m back. The past two months have been the most trying and transitional months I’ve had in a while. I’m back to blog land though. Here’s a few reflections:

1. Ministry is about people.

I’ve learned that the most important part of leading in a church is not programs, but people. People are lost. People are often misguided. People need Christ. The way I treat people is paramount to the Lord. Programs are effective but they are not, in the end, what is most important in ministry. I’ve noticed people who are more structural and programmed based than they are people focused. Moving people off the program and into relationship building that makes disciples is hard. It takes time.

If I am (and you are) going to be effective for Jesus Christ in disciple-making and I must have thick skin. While the people business is His business, it’s also a tough business. We all come with baggage. And instead of dealing with it, we often ignore it and move on. This leads to wrong attitudes in the church and fosters negativity. If ministry is about people, not programs, we will need to rethink how we treat people. We must be positive. We must be real. We must think process, not program.

2. Ministry is about souls.

One thing I’ve decided in my personal and professional life is that I’m going to know when I’m evangelistically cold. Why? So I will know when it’s time to warm up. Why? Ministry is about souls. One prayer I’ve prayed lately is “Lord, let’s us see ‘souls saved and lives changed.'” At our church (FBC Ruidoso) I’ve set a goal of seeing 100 baptisms this year. That will be a God-sized thing considering it has probably never happened before and our average for baptisms in the last 5 years is 10. We’ve already baptized 19 and will see more soon. So, it’s possible we will see God, and ARE seeing God work.

Why the focus? It’s not about  numbers. It’s about passion. I want our people to know what’s important. Ministry is about souls. If people are going to be saved, we pastors will have to orient our people on what’s important. Some of them will focus on it, but most won’t. You as a pastor/leader will have to stand alone and lead if you’re going to see “souls saved and lives changed.”

If there’s a place called hell and another called heaven, we must make souls the priority. We must have a ministry approach that’s strategically Acts 1:8 and gospel centered. We can’t just preach good sermons, yet there is no gospel. Teachers can’t just preach good lessons yet there is not gospel. Without the gospel, we have no message.

More to come. What do you think?

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