10 Things I Like About FBC Ruidoso

1. I’m the pastor. I love serving this church.

2. FBC is not in the Bible belt. I’m sick of the Bible belt because it ignores the lost and is steeped in tradition.

3. Strong church! The church stands strong through adversity. What would kill most churches doesn’t FBC.

4. The people are precious, sweet people who have a desire to reach the world for Christ

5. My life group, not “ours” but my. What I mean is I’m in a LifeGroup, I just don’t talk about “our” LifeGroups like most pastors do (even though they are not in one themselves).

6. The FBC Campus–beautiful and functional.

7. The Pulpit–its just right … not too big … but wooden elegance.

8. The people— they are loving!

9. Missions focused–we give 18% to missions, have boots on the ground in Ukraine right now, and are trying to reach our city (Acts 1:8)

10. Future focused–we look forward, not backward.

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One Response to 10 Things I Like About FBC Ruidoso

  1. Jason Shields says:


    I was wondering if I could have your email address to ask you a few questions that are on my heart.


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