The Hardest Thing in the Christian Life

…. is to walk consistently with God.

I’m working through Francis Chan’s Crazy Love for the second time. In his book he makes a distinction between having a “quiet time” and “loving God with all my heart, soul, and strength.” The former Jesus never said to do. The later He challenged His followers to do fully. He goes on to say a quiet time (spiritual disciplines) come as a result from loving God.

I’ve been a Christian for 22 years. The hardest thing to do as a believer is consistently walk with God in scripture and prayer.

Here’s 7 things to help your walk with God:

1. Remember if you’re saved, you’re forgiven, free, and God loves you.

2. If you’re not consistent at all in your walk with God, you’re only one mini-retreat away from be really close to God.

3. Develop a place where you can build an altar. Have a place in your home. But also have a place in your heart. You can have time with God anyplace, anytime.

4. Take a prayer walk. Guilt free prayer walks to just talk, look, and listen. Talk to the Father as you would a real person. Look at His creation and give Him praise. Listen to the sounds of His creation and the whisper of the Spirit in your heart.

5. Make a prayer list and retreat to it often. It will focus your prayer life.

6. Ask others to pray for you to get close to God. Confess you are not close and need to give Him some time.

7. Listen to the word in your car or in your office. Pack in the word of God any way you can.

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