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How to Have a Good Worship Experience

What makes a good worship experience at a church? Here’s a few things that will help your walk with God as you worship in the morning: 1. Sleep — a good Sunday morning comes with a good night’s sleep on … Continue reading

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10 Things I Like About FBC Ruidoso

1. I’m the pastor. I love serving this church. 2. FBC is not in the Bible belt. I’m sick of the Bible belt because it ignores the lost and is steeped in tradition. 3. Strong church! The church stands strong … Continue reading

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The Place of Honor

How does your church do the Lord’s Supper? Does your practice reflect the Lord gets the “place of honor?” Yesterday, @fbcruidoso we remembered the Lord in the memorial of the Lord’s Supper. We put it in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Rockbridge Seminary — The New Education

When I was called to ministry I really sensed a need to go to seminary. I didn’t grow up in the church and knew very little about the teaching ministry of the church. So, I left everything and went to … Continue reading

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How to Get People to Invite Friends?

My wife and I were talking recently about things that need to be done at the church we serve, First Baptist Church, Ruidoso. She was asking me when we should move forward toward extending our present spanish ministry. Three things … Continue reading

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The Hardest Thing in the Christian Life

…. is to walk consistently with God. I’m working through Francis Chan’s Crazy Love for the second time. In his book he makes a distinction between having a “quiet time” and “loving God with all my heart, soul, and strength.” … Continue reading

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Reflections on Evangelism and Disciple Making

This week was a busy week for me. I taught a sermon based small groups workshop at West Conroe Baptist Church and a Every Believer a Witness seminar here at First Ruidoso . Here are my reflections on both: People … Continue reading

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