Creating a Culture of Evangelism

From January 31-February 3, 2010, I will be leading an “Every Believer a Witness” seminar. This seminar equips believers to share their faith in a few ways.

1. I will teach participants how to share their faith by using their own personal testimony.

2. I will show reasons why Christians are scared to share the gospel and  how to overcome them.

3. How to witness to waiters/waitresses by asking them for a prayer request and leaving the tract  and invite card to the church.

4. The importance of using a tract when sharing the gospel by giving it away and/or using it to witness.

The most important part of the equipping time is not only the 5 session training, but also the follow up. The follow up is an accountable culture where each ministry team, committee, and Life Group asks “how have you shared your faith in the last week?” and let’s people respond.

At FBC, we need to create a culture of evangelism. Are you in? I pray you will set aside the dates and come to the seminar.

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One Response to Creating a Culture of Evangelism

  1. Hi Pastor –

    I am pastor Kenny Burchard of The Oasis Church in Hanford, CA. Your blog came up as a “related post” on mine.

    I’m praying with you for your church to develop a culture of evangelism.

    It may encourage yout to listen to an audio seminar on this that I just did called “HOW TO SHARE THE GOSPEL” from Acts 13.

    I am doing something very similar in our church using the idea of “LIGHTHOUSE LEADERS” who intentionally lead small clusters of fellow believers into personal evangelism projects, then get together to discuss their progress and pray for the people to whom they are witnessing.

    Here’s a link:

    God bless…
    Kenny Burchard

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