100 Baptisms in 2010

God has inspired FBC Ruidoso to ask the Lord to do a “God sized task” in 2010. We are asking Him to allow us to baptize 100 people. Our church averages 10 baptisms a year and we are already at 1o with 8 months left in the calendar year. We have all of 2010 to ask Him for something special.

Will you pray with us for 100 baptisms?

The Reason? We are asking God for 100 baptisms not for us, but for His glory. We want Him to grow FBC to beyond where it’s ever been. Why? For His glory alone. The Lord has blessed FBC Ruidoso with an abundant history. He has promised to bless us with an incredible future. Churches that focus on “disciple-making” get blessed by God. That’s the way it has always been and will always be.

Will you pray for 100 baptisms? Will you invite people to Christ and the church?

One of my mentors has a saying that’s stuck with me and is relevant to our God sized prayer request:

“Do the work like it all depends on you, knowing it all depends on Him.”

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One Response to 100 Baptisms in 2010

  1. Cheryl Bower says:

    I am trying to get going on my inactive Twitter account. Did you get my tweet today?

    I started my Proverbs study today. Catching up to the date with 4 chaps. Wonderful.
    One of my friends and prayer partners who is not at FBC called this afternoon to point out some
    of the verses in Proverbs 3 that I was going to call HER about. She did not know I was
    beginning this study. Wow. So great to be on-track with the Lord.

    Why did I say 200 to you yesterday? NOT to be bragadocious or hype. But because
    the souls are out there. Our job is to bring the net to where they can jump in to the Kingdom
    of God. Wanted to tell you that you can count on my praying for a large harvest of 100-200 people in 2010.

    Prayer precedes all things. Thanks for providing leadership and the challenge.


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