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National Conference on Preaching

Last week was a busy week for me. I led a seminar entitled, “Connecting he Sermon to the Small Group.” This seminar introduced pastors to the concept of reinforcing expository preaching with sermon based small groups. The seminar went well … Continue reading

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Reflections on Sermon Based Small Group Seminar

Today we pulled of my doctoral workshop on sermon based small groups. It went well. I was pleased. I cannot state enough how much I appreciate my good friend Kenneth Priest who serves at the SBTC. He helped me pull … Continue reading

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Fire, Life, and Ministry

When a fire breaks out, opportunity strikes. I have been working some in my Sunday School Class through Purpose Driven Life. It’s amazing how these young adults have come alive in the last 8 weeks. Every day they are sending … Continue reading

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What I Love Most About Being a Pastor?

In 1992 I was called to ministry. I didn’t choose it as a profession. God spoke and I moved. I left a career, went to seminary, and have served in 4 churches as a pastor or associate pastor. I love … Continue reading

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How Can I Pray for You?

Most of you know I believe the scriptures teach we should prioritize relationships. That’s what God did. The very nature of the incarnation shows that God left heaven and pursued relationship with you (John 1:14). God pursues relationship with us … Continue reading

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2009: A Heavenly Culture

2009 should be a year when the church seizes the moment on race relations. The two girls in the picture to the right are twins. They have an Black Dad and White Mom. It’s an amazing story if you want … Continue reading

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Why I'm Stoked About 2009

There are many reasons to be excited about 2009. In my previous post I outlined 10 things I plan to do in 2009. Here are a few reasons why I’m stoked about 2009. This is a shortened list because any … Continue reading

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