2009 a Breakthrough Year

I have a good feeling about 2009. I’m not sure why, but I guess it may be 2008 seemed to be slow and sluggish in the church and country. But now the election is over and it seems we will see which church will show up in the West. I want to do my part in making things better. Here are a few things I hope to do better this year. vision2010

1. Develop fewer, more meaningful, long term relationships in the church. 

2.  Get further out of debt. 

3. Make sure I program and administrate with smaller group interaction as a part of the event or an after event opportunity.

4. Finish my doctoral degree and push sermon based small groups anywhere I can to help churches shut the back door.

5. Write 2 books.

6. Manage my time more effectively at home and work.

7. Take more initiative for my pastor especially in casting his vision.

8. Develop deeper relationships within my extended family. 

9. Make time in my schedule to work out consistently for a year. 

10. Retreat with God more. 

What are you looking to see or do in 2009?

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One Response to 2009 a Breakthrough Year

  1. ralph rush says:

    it seems to me that a pastor should be teaching the word of God(biblical teachings and truth) to feed his flock.
    small groups do not get the teaching of the Pastor(who is the one trained in the scriptures)but rather get teaching from someone not adaquately trained
    ps – most lifeway material is woefully inadaquate for teaching of the bible
    In bible churches the pastor teaches the whole congregation at one time so every one is fed and gets adaquate bible training –

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