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Reaping the Fruits of a Culture of Greed

In the scripture, especially the Old Testament, taking care of the poor, widows, or less fortunate, it’s a big thing (Amos 8:4). God’s people were judged because they failed to take care of the poor (Read Amos) all of it.  … Continue reading

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The Cross Our Only Message

In the past few years I’ve heard some adults and preachers point our how many songs in today’s worship culture do not focus on the cross, the blood of Christ, heaven or hell. I don’t know if I agree them … Continue reading

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Thankful for….

The word tells to be thankful. Thankfulness requires more than just saying it. Real thankfulness comes from contemplating God’s faithfulness in your life.  I’m thankful for…. 1. Jesus Christ and the direction he continues to bring to my life EVERY … Continue reading

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Book Recommend: Sticky Church

I just finished reading Pastor Larry Osborne’s Sticky Church. The book is a must read for anyone wanting to do small groups well. Really, if you want to do a simple church type of model, you should consider sermon-based small groups … Continue reading

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Homosexual Agenda

eHarmony was forced to settle out of court and now has to offer same sex opportunities on it’s website. This is a sad reality. But hey, here comes the homosexual agenda. It’s almost unstoppable. Our culture has shifted and marriage … Continue reading

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Sunday School Victory

We went missional and transitional today the young adult Sunday School Class. Knowing 70% of young adults fall out of the church, we had to make a shift. What we did was bring in the 12th graders into the young … Continue reading

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Tribute to S.M. Lockridge

S.M.Lockridge has gone to be with the Lord, but he’s a legend. If you have never him, here you go!

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