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Winning in Small Groups

A year ago I took a step of faith to begin leading a young adult sunday school class. Within the year I read and thought through how to make a sunday school class feel like a small group. It’s hard … Continue reading

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More Questions

Old school preaching as well as the new school still uses one thing: a question. Questions make us delve deeply into the scriptures. They make us think ourselves clear. Here are more questions that can help us as Christian leaders … Continue reading

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The Power of Questions

Recently I go into a discussion with a few friends over the doctrine of salvation. The trigger question was “Does a person who believes Jesus is the only way lose his or her salvation is he or she accepts the … Continue reading

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Starbucks and Sunday School

Recently I had to move my young adult class off campus to a local Starbucks. It’s amazing what setting does to a class. I’ve had challenges with getting the class to do social events to connect. But it’s stunning what … Continue reading

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Churches, Politics, and That "Other Kingdom"

One of the most confusing parts of life these days is the dilemma of church and politics. Politics is that issue in church that either abused or ignored. Even when it’s attempted to be done correctly for some biblical motive, it … Continue reading

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Vision Correction

I wear contacts and glasses (not at the same time). Why? Because I cannot see well without corrective help. For years when I was growing up, I wore glasses. I have a sleepy eye and am cross-eyed. In the last … Continue reading

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Sticky Church Conference 2008

The Sticky Church Conference is nothing short of what ministry is all about: making disciples. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Larry Osborne today. Larry is the Senior Pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, California. In one way … Continue reading

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