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Winning in Small Groups

A year ago I took a step of faith to begin leading a young adult sunday school class. Within the year I read and thought through how to make a sunday school class feel like a small group. It’s hard … Continue reading

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More Questions

Old school preaching as well as the new school still uses one thing: a question. Questions make us delve deeply into the scriptures. They make us think ourselves clear. Here are more questions that can help us as Christian leaders … Continue reading

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The Power of Questions

Recently I go into a discussion with a few friends over the doctrine of salvation. The trigger question was “Does a person who believes Jesus is the only way lose his or her salvation is he or she accepts the … Continue reading

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Starbucks and Sunday School

Recently I had to move my young adult class off campus to a local Starbucks. It’s amazing what setting does to a class. I’ve had challenges with getting the class to do social events to connect. But it’s stunning what … Continue reading

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Churches, Politics, and That "Other Kingdom"

One of the most confusing parts of life these days is the┬ádilemma of church and politics. Politics is that issue in church that either abused or ignored. Even when it’s attempted to be done correctly for some biblical motive, it … Continue reading

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Vision Correction

I wear contacts and glasses (not at the same time). Why? Because I cannot see well without corrective help. For years when I was growing up, I wore glasses. I have a sleepy eye and am cross-eyed. In the last … Continue reading

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Sticky Church Conference 2008

The Sticky Church Conference is nothing short of what ministry is all about: making disciples. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Larry Osborne today. Larry is the Senior Pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, California. In one way … Continue reading

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