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Why Waste Time On Sunday School?

Is Sunday School worth it? HELLO! Of course it is. One of my hero’s is Harry Piland. I had the privilege of taking Harry for a couple of classes at SWBTS. Harry Piland is known as “Dr. Sunday School.” Piland … Continue reading

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If You Have a Small Group Structure, Use It

If you asked an old school believer, “What’s the purpose of Sunday School?” that person would say this: “Sunday School is the evangelistic arm of the church.” My response is, “Oh, it is?” I have a new weed eater. It’s … Continue reading

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Monday Night Small Group

Ok, it’s Monday night. Where did your sermon go? Do you know where your listeners from yesterday are and what they are doing? Did they leave church with a big idea from your message? (or did you leave with a … Continue reading

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When Sunday School and Small Groups Collide

There comes a time when we must evaluate how we make disciples. Honestly, if I were not a pastor in a church, I would not keep my family busy with programs. Many churches have realized the programs don’t necessarily produce … Continue reading

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7 Things I Learned this Week

1. Life, no matter how I slice it, gets hard 2. Good friends are those who you don’t see for a while, but when you do see them, it’s like it was yesterday 3. Preaching is a skill you must … Continue reading

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Disaster Relief: An Opportunity for Churches

Disaster is a fact of life. Just a few years ago hurricane Katrina caught everyone off guard. We blamed a lot on the government, but the fact is this. We all tended to act as if we could ride Katrina … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Sunday School

Lately I have thought a lot about programming and disciple-making. For most or many churches, small groups or Sunday School are the place of disciple-making. More specifically, I’ve been intrigued again by the question, “What is the purpose of a … Continue reading

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